Bonjour à tous! This summer, our research will continue to work toward the goal of creating a series of engaging, informative maps of Parisian musical life during the 1920s. The interactive features and embedded media in these maps will help students, teachers, researchers, and users from the general public to visualize and explore the vibrant musical world of 1920s Paris.

Building off the extensive work from last summer, we are compiling and organizing more data on musical events, performance spaces, and composers. We will be working with an updated database and data entry form, which should streamline that process considerably. Additionally, we will explore new options for mapping software, which will allow us to create more nuanced, user-friendly maps.

As a Music and French double major, I’m excited about bringing my two worlds together in this project. Like the other team members, I will be reading sources, pinning down data about events and venues, and working on the maps. Additionnally, I will be able to help my team examine sources in French and learn some useful French vocabulary. As part of this role, I will be traveling to Paris in early July to track down primary sources that aren’t yet available through digital archives. I’m looking forward to getting to know the people and the stories central to the history of music in 1920s Paris. I also hope to learn about new subjects, like computer science, and new skills, like presenting academic research.