Literary and Musical Intersections

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From the terse prose of Hemingway, to the imagism of Pound, to the stream-of-consciousness of Joyce, to the raw complexities of T.S. Eliot, literature in 1920s Paris was diverse, abundant, and groundbreaking.

When exploring the interconnected art-world of 1924 through a primarily musical lens, it can be easy to sweep literature under the rug. Dance, art, and music easily came together, for example, in the ballet, but writers and their art also enriched and influenced the soundscape of Paris.  If you’ve taken a look at our blog, you might have seen the many (sometimes tangential) ways I’ve tried to bring literature into our posts. For a more ordered look, here I present a few topics related to literature of 1924 that relate to music. Click on an image below to get started, or take a look at the literary figures map below to read descriptions of some of the major players and the spaces they inhabited in Paris.

These short articles serve mainly as informal explorations, but I hope they may spark further investigation into literary/musical connections.

–Natalie Kopp