Venues in Paris and Worldwide

This Google Maps tool shows every single venue that is listed in our database to date. There are hundreds of them, yet clear patterns emerge. In Paris, you can see the tight cluster of jazz nightclubs around Place Pigalle in Montmartre, and the scores of venues in the theatre districts of the 8th and 9th arrondissements. The distribution of venues also suggests some questions for future avenues of research. For example, the map reveals a conspicuous lack of dots in the Eastern third of the city, the home of many immigrants and working-class residents during the 1920s. What was musical life like in these areas?

Feel free to explore the map by zooming in to see Paris’s neighborhoods in greater detail. Zoom out to see venues in other cities around the world (primarily places where the Ballets Russes performed while touring). Click on the markers to see the address and a brief description of each venue.