Beethoven Symphonies

The ultimate pursuit of this research has been to create interactive maps capable of displaying performances, venues, residences, and other geographical information vis-à-vis 1924 Parisian musical life. Here you can explore one of the maps we’ve produced; links to others are at the bottom of the page.

This map is an exploration of all the performances of Beethoven’s symphonies we have been able to find thus far through our research into the musical geography of 1924 Paris. We can see in this map what particular institutions or venues most commonly put on performances of some of the most famed works in music history. Each concert’s program is available for listening by clicking on its point on the map and playing the embedded YouTube videos (after one work finishes, click the small right arrow to proceed to the next piece). Note that these playlists include not only Beethoven’s symphonies, but also works by other composers.

To learn more about programs including Beethoven, visit this numerical exploration of the subject.



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