Venues in Paris by Type

The ultimate pursuit of this research has been to create interactive maps capable of displaying performances, venues, residences, and other geographical information that helps bring music in 1924 Paris to life. Below, you can explore two examples of the maps we’ve produced.

Both of the following maps visualize the locations of various musical venues around the city of Paris in 1924, with each category of venue (different kinds of theaters, concert halls, churches, etc.) represented by a different layer. The first map projects the layers onto a 1925 map of the Paris Metro and major roads originally found in the travel guide Paris and its Environs (19th ed.) (Leipzig: Karl Baedeker, 1924). Click the layers button (third from top left) to select or deselect certain categories of venues.



The second map presents some of the same information, but on a modern Google Maps template, and with only 10 categories of venues represented. (Cinemas, churches, and musical figures’ residences are excluded.) Again, you can select and deselect layers by clicking the button on the left.



Other Maps:

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