Here is the second summer of the musical geography of 1920s Paris! With an emphasis on the musicological applications of digital maps and other interactive media, our project will continue to visualize and archive musical events of 1920s Paris. This year, we are expanding our timeline from the year of 1924 to a broader period of 1920s, looking at the role of music through the historical development and social change over time. Our work will continue to be accessible to both scholars and the public, presenting professional research resources and new scholarships, while offering approachable and engaging platforms for general studies.

Having taken the “Paris in the 1920s” class offered last Fall, I would love to share with the group what I already learned and continue to deepen my knowledge in this topic. Specifically, I am hoping to keep working on my paper about Copland’s Music for the Theatre, and if possible, start a visualization project about the musical events of 1920s Paris. At the same time, together with our teammates, we are going to do many background readings and discussions, data searches and entries, through which we will develop our academic knowledge, professional skills, as well as patience and passion for musicology studies.